Sunday, December 8, 2013

What the Hell is Going on

"What the hell is going on here?! Why is my body standing in front of me?! Wait a second, why do I feel cold?! Oh my god! Why do I have boobs?! What the fuck is happening to me?!"

"Don't you worry, Kevin all of your questions will soon be answered, along with others later on. But for now all you need to know is that you are in my body and I am in yours and that we will be staying like this for a while."

"What do you mean by a while?! Why are you doing this to me?! Give me back my body this minute!"

Friday, December 6, 2013

My Life has Changed

Ok get this. I was just browsing around online, minding my own business looking for some funny videos to watch. When I came across this one video, that said "This will change your life.". I didn't think much of it, so I went ahead and clicked it. I started watching the video, and quickly noticed myself in the video watching my computer screen. I watched in awe, as the me in the video began to change. I saw the face of my counterpart morph, shift, and lose it's facial hair. As I watched this for some strange reason I couldn't help but imagine it really happening to me. As I continued to watch I noticed my clones hair get longer, and his clothes turn feminine, at that same time my own face, hair, and clothes changed but I dismissed it as zoning out as I continued to watch. Then I saw his waist curve in, and his hips violently protrude outward as his ass got more round, at the same time I noticed two giant breasts begin to push their way out filling the top he was now wearing. As I felt my aerolas become more sensitive and turning me on. As the video was nearing it's end I watched as my members bulge vanished and became flat. I then closed out of my browser, and got up to head to the bathroom which I felt strange on my way there. As I entered the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped as I saw the girl my counterpart in the video had become. I immediately looked down, and felt my crotch, at which point reality set in that my manhood was gone. I'm telling you this cause I trust you Brian, but I know you'll ask for proof so I attached a picture to this email of my new self to show you it's true, and that my life has changed. If you don't believe me then come over and see for yourself.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For My Sister

I can't believe this....I let my sister talk me into swapping bodies with her, on her wedding day. All cause she was too nervous to go through with the ceremony. She's gonna owe me big time for this I hope she knows. I know one thing...I can't believe how big her tits really are, especially from this vantage point. Oh my god I just realized I'm gonna have to kiss Josh. Well I suppose that's the least of my worries. My main concern is I hope after the ceremony she swaps us back, I don't want to be her any longer then I have too. The things I do for my sister...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tied Up Lesson

Tiffany, What have you done to me? Why am I tied to the bed, and why does my body feel so different? Oh my god! What did you do to me? Why is my voice so different now, and why does my body feel so much smaller, and why do I have long blonde hair? Wait, why don't I feel anything between my legs? Oh my god! A pussy! I have a pussy where my dick use to be?! You turned me into a girl, why?! What do you mean I need to learn about what a girl wants and needs, I'm a guy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Kidding Right?!

Your kidding right? I know I lost the bet, but I never agreed for you to turn me into a woman. And now your telling me I have to stay like this for a month. I can't believe this, I would've thought you'd make me do something crazy but nothing like this. I know you like blonde chicks and boobs, but you have no idea what it's like carrying around these puppy's. I hope you don't have any hopes that, while I'm like this I'll sleep with you, cause then you really are crazy. I can't wait til our next bet, cause if I win I'll do something similar to you as you've done to me. But maybe I'll make it a little worse for you though.

If you have any insights, or additions to this story I welcome them with open arms. So feel free to leave a comment with an insight, or an addition. If you have any requests for a story you would like me to try to bring to life you can send me an email at Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gender Bender Day

To promote gender equality, my office decided to have a gender bender day. I told my wife about it, and she said I should take part in it. Well she helped me get ready, with make-up and breast forms and stuff to make me look like a real woman. But when she saw the results she wasn't pleased with them, and so with a snap of her fingers she turned me into a real woman, and made me go to work. I tell you, I am not even half way through the day yet, and all the guys at the office staring at me is making me feel a little uncomfortable. I can't wait to get home so she changes me back.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

PayBack Punishment

I got tired of you asking me to suck your dick all the time, so as punishment for your frequent lack of pleasuring me like I've done you for so long. I have decided to swap our bodies and give you a dose of your own medicine. So if you don't want to stay in my body for too long you better, put them lips around this dick and start sucking cause your gonna be doing it a lot over the coarse of the next few days. And I am not once gonna give you any pleasure. Maybe this will get you to realize that women have needs too.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh My Gawd!!

Oh my gawd, my wife turned me into a female sex doll and sold me to my best friend. I can't move or talk to let him know it's me. I can see the nipples at the ends of my tits, which means they are huge. I can feel everything, but I can't move or speak, and I am totally exposed. Why did my wife do this to me? My friend brought home to his house played and sucked on my tits for a bit. I felt every tiny touch and lick, and now I'm so horny. Wait a second, what am I saying I can't be horny for that or any of this. Oh my gawd, he spread my legs and now he is taking off his pants! Oh gawd his dick looks hard, and big. No! Please I don't want to be a sex toy.....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Swap Curse Affair

Aaron's wife told him before they ever got married, and had begun dating that if he ever cheated on her he would regret it. 4 years after they had gotten married, he started an affair with Sara a woman at work. One night Aaron and Sara decided to get a hotel room, and the very second that Aaron's cock touched and entered Sara's pussy, Aaron got swapped into Sara's body. The curse that Aaron's wife put on him made him continue riding his former body to climax. As he straddled his partner, he had a worried look on his face of not knowing what to tell his wife. But little did he know she already knew what happened. And when his wife confronted him the next day, she told him he would be in his new body for the rest of his life.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Really Mine

Oh man! I just can not stop touching myself, this new body of mine is so sensitive. Wait a minute, can I honestly say that this body is really mine. I must be getting use to it already, it was just the other day that I awoke in my girlfriends body. My body no where to be seen, I thought this must be some sort of "Freaky Friday" type of shit or something.

The first few hours I was stuck in this body were very uncomfortable to me. The added weight on my chest, the soft skin, and the lack of manhood between my legs was all new to me. At least she had good size tits that look amazing from this angle, compared to how I viewed them before.

My body has now been gone for quite a few days, and I have heard nothing from my girlfriend, or about something like this happening to anyone else in the world. I've been alone with nothing to do but explore this new body, and how it reacts to certain touches. Let me tell you I am pleasantly amazed with this body, and I am certainly hoping to keep this body forever. It feels sooo goooood!

Monday, September 30, 2013

You Could've

You know Jeff, at first when you turned me into a woman. I was pissed, but now that I've been this way a few days I've come to find being a woman to be not so bad. The only thing is you could've given me tits that were a little bit bigger. How am I gonna peak the interests of men with small tits like these.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bet With My Sis

I made a bet with my sister that I couldn't last a year in her body. The only rule during the time I was to be in her body was to not allow a man to cum inside me while I was her. Otherwise the swap would be permanent. Well after only a week, here I am having sex with a guy. But not just any guy, I am having sex with my former body. It was my sisters idea, and I just couldn't resist all the sensations her body has, as well as my curiosity of what it would feel like to have sex in her body. I just hope she pulls out before she cums, though this feels so gre-ahhh-tttt! Ohhhh-mahhhh-ggggaawwwddd!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

You Will Pay

 Hey asshole, I finally found you after 4 months of searching. I am sending you this picture message to show you what you've done to me.. I admit when you suggested turning me into a woman, I was a bit curious to what sex was like as a woman so I agreed. But I didn't anticipate me ending up having to be a woman for the rest of my life, I thought it would only be for a day or so. But NO, you wanted me to stay this way for a month and I agreed to do so since we were having a good time with it. But then all of a sudden you left me, and shortly after that I found out I was pregnant which permanently sealed me in this female body. Well I am informing you that some how you will pay for this.

Weekend Get-Her-Way

Thanks Elle of w8z2x4m for this contribution

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

L.J. always wanted to be a woman, but having been born a male he would never be as he always wanted. He never told a soul, til he told his girlfriend one day. She told him she could make his dream a reality, and of coarse L.J. didn't believe her. So she said "Fine, I'll prove it to you right now! I'll change you into a woman, and then you'll owe me one." So she began muttering some words, as L.J. stood still. Suddenly the room filled with light, and the changes began taking place to L.J's body. First he shrank to about 5'5" from 6'0", then his skin and muscle tone changed, as his hips also began to widen. His hair grew long to about his shoulder blades. Then came the biggest changes, first he started growing breasts and within a few seconds they stopped at a full 36 F, then he felt his penis being pulled inside of him with such force it turned him on. When the changes were done he couldn't believe he was now a woman. He was so grateful and happy with the changes he now she was willing to do anything to payback his girlfriend for this wonderful gift.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sharing His New Assets

This story/caption is a joint project that both me and Elle of W8Z2X4M collaborated on. Well she did most of the work, I just gave her the idea. But I love how it turned out, and I hope y'all do as well. That gal is really creative and I've placed her link here in case any of y'all are new viewers. Hopefully some of y'all will become followers of if not both of ours, at least one of our pages. Please leave a comment if you'd like to about this collaboration, or any other story, or caption you like or would like to see me do. Here's her link to enjoy some of her fine works, and I hope you enjoy the story. Click on the image to enlarge it. Thank you for viewing.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Always Wondered

Ever since I was a teenager, I always wondered what it would be like to have a dick. What it felt like to pee standing up as appose to sitting, or what it felt like to have an erection. I've even wondered what it feels like to cum like one of the guys. One day recently my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I decided to visit the old magic shop in town. Mom said she use to go there quite often when she was young. She suggested the shop to me to begin with, so I went down to the shop. When I got there, I met a woman whom was the shops owner. She said she had been expecting me, and that she had something for me that would solve my situation. She then pulled out a vile of liquid saying it was a potion made especially for me, and said it cure my curiosity forever. So I took her word for it, paid for the vile and went home. Once home I sat for a bit thinking about whether this would really work or not, and decided I might as well drink it and see if anything happens. After a minute I started to feel pressure in my pussy, and I started to pant and breath heavy. As each minute went bye, I started to moan in pleasure and the pressure got more intense. After this went on for about 20 minutes, I reached down to touch the lips of my pussy only to find they were gone. I stead in place of my pussy was a dick, and a ball sack. I immediately took off my pants to see it with my own eyes. Now a few days later, I am going to see how it feels to jerk myself off til I cum. Though I must say I've been at it for an hour now, and I still haven't cummed, I'm getting close though. I think after this I'll invite Keri over, and see what it feels like to fuck like a man, and cum inside a woman. I mean after all the woman at the shop said this would be forever.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Wasting My New Assetts

Dan I understand how badly you want a girlfriend, but why the fuck would you turn me into a woman for. I know we are roommates and all, but what the fuck, dude! I hope you don't expect me to be your girl, cause your dreaming. I've seen how you treat your girlfriends, and based on that I would never date you. Besides just look at these assets you've given me, too bad you'll never get to touch or see them. Even if you turned me into a copy of your absolute dream woman, your nuts to think I'd waste my new assets on you. Besides you have a small dick, so I'm sure you wouldn't be able to please this body. Now if you excuse me, I'm going go put my new assets to work and find me a man to explore this new body with. Have fun jerking off tonight loser.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What It Feels Like

I always wondered what it felt like to be a woman, and to have someone go down on you and play with your pussy. Well my girlfriend it turns out is a witch, and she has agreed to help me out with this little fantasy of mine. So she has, and oh my god this feels so fucking amazing. I can't believe this is what it feels like. This feels so good I may never want her to turn me back into a man.

Cheating Consequences

I cheated on my wife so many times that I actually lost count. I knew that one day I would have to face her, and explain myself. But I didn't want to face her as her. Apparently my wife is a witch, and apparently she has known about my cheating. Because now I am her! She performed a body swap spell while we were in the middle of having sex. And you can imagine my shock when the swap occurred. I immediately realized that something was different when I felt weight on my chest, hair over my shoulders and chest. Not to mention that my legs were now spread apart, with a great pressure in between them sliding in and out. A warmth soon came over me, and my wife now in my body said "You have only yourself to blame for this, cause this is now permanent." I always knew there would be consequences for my cheating but nothing like this.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Might as Well Enjoy It Part 2

It's been just over 8 months since we hooked up, and now you want to be together. Oh and as you see I am 8 months pregnant, and yes it's yours, so you will be a father soon. I really hope your ready for this, cause this time I don't want to be just a piece of ass. I want to be with you so we can have our family. But enough of that, lets have some fun and enjoy each other again like we did before, besides I hear sex during pregnancy is fucking amazing and I'm horny as fuck. So we might as well enjoy it, so get over here and let's do it!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Might as Well Enjoy It

Turns out my girlfriend was a witch, who knew! Anyways she found out I was cheating on her, and I guess she put a spell on me cause as soon shot my load into this girl I swapped bodies with her. I was so confused at first, but then I got use to it. And upon some investigating I found out that my girlfriend was responsible for the swap. She said it serves me right for cheating on her, and that the swap is permanent and I better learn to just deal with it. As for our relationship we are no longer together, and we do not speak to each other. At this point I figure I might as well enjoy it, cause there are a lot of benefits to being a girl and I plan to take full advantage of those benefits. So what do you say, can we get started.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pregnancy Bet Part 3

Well I've gotten use to being my wife now, so I don't think I'm ever gonna swap back, and it's been far too long. I got pregnant again during the year I was only suppose to be my wife, and she told me that there was no way she was taking back a pregnant body so I would have to stay that way til I give birth to the babies. But ya know what screw it, I've been in her body so long now I love being a woman, and I can't wait til she comes home so we can fuck.

Pregnancy Bet Part 2

Well I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, like I said I admitted after the birth that I couldn.t handle it. And she figured by the way I was screaming so here I am breastfeeding our daughter, and being my wife for the next year. I'm not happy about it but a deal is a deal and I plan to stick with it. Besides sex as a woman is great, I get off multiple times instead of once so there's a plus. I can't wait til we have sex again.

Pregnancy Bet

Oh my god! This hurts so fucking much, I don't think I can handle it. But I'm gonna have too, based on the bet I made with my wife. She was very uncomfortable, and complained constantly about her pregnancy. So I bet her that I could handle her pregnancy and childbirth with no problem. So we had one of our friends who happened to be a witch swap us into each others bodies. She did, and so the bet began. I've made it through the last 3 months of my wife's pregnancy, and now I'm in labor and it's time for the baby to come out. But this hurts like a bitch, and I can't wait until this is over and we switch back. Unless she takes me screaming as losing the bet, cause if that's the case then I have to stay as her for another whole year. So I better tone it down, but this hurts so bad. I think after this I'll admit my defeat and accept what we decided.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nothing More then A Play Toy

Timothy always wondered what it was like to be a girl so he ordered a female body suit so he could have some fun as a girl. So when he received it in the mail he couldn't wait to try it out. So he put it on without reading the instructions, and decided to lay on the couch naked and try a few things. He started to play with the lips of his new pussy when all of a sudden he was unable to move. As he laid there motionless, and unable to speak he feared what was gonna happen to him when his roommate gets home from work and finds him like this. But I don't think his roommate is gonna mind too much, cause Timothy doesn't exist anymore. Now he's a sex doll named Tiffany, and soon enough his roommate will be home to play.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Girlfriends Skin

Tim and Morgan stumbled across their girlfriends spell book. In it they found a spell that would turn their girlfriends into body suits. After some careful planning the two of them put their plan into motion, after all they couldn't pass up the chance to see what it was like to be a woman. Their plan work perfectly, and the two of them put on their girlfriends skin. They then decided since they wanted to go all out, so they called two other friends to go out on a date and have some fun. But as the night wore on they drank quite a bit at the club, and the two guys they called to go out with were willing and able to take full advantage of the situation.
They took the two women back to their house, and had an all night fuck fest. Cumming inside both of the young women multiple times, thus causing the spell that Tim and Morgan performed earlier on their girlfriends to turn them into body suits permanent, and sealing them inside their girlfriends skin for the rest of their lives. And from the looks of things, it all is gonna work out just fine. Cause Kim and Morgan I think would do it again in a heartbeat.


Well Casey, you have no one to blame but yourself, ultimately I got tired of you calling him a "Cocksucker" all of the time, you know he's gonna become your stepfather no matter what. So I think it's time you learned a lesson, about how you need to be careful what you say. So since you are so very fond of that word. I've decided to turn you into a girl, and ya know what I think? I think we will find out who the real "Cocksucker" is now.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Great Exchange

Tiffany and her husband Michael were a happily married couple whom have just moved into their new home. An event called "The Great Exchange" occurred just after they moved in. To our couple their changes were obvious. Tiffany was given the height of a 7 foot man who lived down the street, while Michael was switched genders with the woman next door, then Tiffany got the sexual orientation of then woman's husband next door, while Michael could do nothing but watch in horror as Tiffany's head got further and further from him. First he thought she was growing more, but then he realized that he was shrinking going from 6'4" to 5' even. The changes then stopped as the couple starred at each other, Michael didn't care too much about Tiffany's face when he noticed her breasts were just above eye level for him. This was going to be a rather interesting journey in their lives.

Deflected Spell

What the fuck happened! The spell I was casting on you was suppose to enhance your beauty and sexuality, not the other way around. What you deflected the spell, so that it would backfire on me? But why? I don't want to be a woman! This is how I wanted you to look, not me. Look at these tits, and this body. How could you not want this, I mean I'm one hot fucking bitch! Wait did I just say that? Whatever let's make the most of it, shall we? Maybe we can find some guys, and have a little fun if ya know what I mean.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Don't worry hunny, this won't hurt. Your father is gonna try to be as gentile with your virgin pussy as much as he can. But now that we've had you turned into a girl, I need to teach you how to pleasure a man. That's it, just spread them legs and let him enter you, and enjoy the sensations that are running through your body. I'll teach you all you need to know about how to please a man, and in time you will come to terms with the new you. Until then we will have these kinds of lessons every day, and when we are done all of the boys in your school are gonna want to be with you.

Shift Change

The Great Shift had changed peoples lives, it changed couples, siblings, families, basically it changed everything. But the word change, is the very least word that could be used to describe Kelly and Mitch's situation. As a result of The Great Shift, Mitch was swapped into the body of this 7 month pregnant young woman. This came as both a shock and was scary for Mitch, not only being swapped into the body of a woman, but a pregnant one at that. But the biggest shock of them all, was when as a result of some testing Mitch found out that the baby inside of him was actually his girlfriend Kelly, so he was now going to be the mother of his own girlfriend.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

With Tits Like Those

Wow Billy, look at the size of your tits. I knew you'd make for a really hot girl when I put that spell on you to turn you into a girl. But I didn't plan on your breasts being so big. I mean they are so nice and round, that top your wearing fits you perfect. You'll have no trouble getting guys with tits like those.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Punishment Deception

"Ok Chad, if you ever want me to turn you back into that pathetic excuse for a guy that was my boyfriend you need to suck his dick. If you want I can coach you through it til he blows his load in your mouth. By the way, you need to swallow it all and if you don't I'll keep you as a girl until you finish the job." Samantha told this to Chad knowing full well the spell she used to turn him into a girl would become permanent once he swallowed the cum from the massive cock she had chosen for him to suck. After all he put her through, the punishment probably doesn't fit the crime. But she was gonna love it when she tells him that he'll never see his dick again.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sorry Yall

Sorry y'all, I've had quite a bit going on lately and haven't had time to think of new material. I am pleased with my blog and would like to create more. So if you have any idea's or types of captions you'd like to see, I will do my best. Thanks readers!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Not What It Looks Like....Well Maybe It Is!

Oh hi honey! I didn't hear you come home, I know what your thinking and this is not what it looks like. Well actually maybe it is. But I couldn't help it, being in your hot, horny, and over sensitive body I couldn't take it any more I just had to try sex with a guy. So I called Greg to come over and help me out. This feels so good, I hope you don't consider this cheating.

What's that? I know he's not wearing a condom, he said he didn't have any and I know we don't use them so I said fuck it. He promises to pull out before he cums, that way I won't get your body pregnant. If you want you can join us, while he fucks me I can blow you. Besides don't you wanna know what sex is like in my body?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friends With Benefits

Kevin and Tyler were 2 normal guys in there twenties. The only problem was that neither one was having any luck with the ladies. But that all changed one day, when they decided to buy a female body suit so they could take turns fulfilling each others sexual needs. Tyler agreed to be the first one to wear the suit, and pleasure his best-friend/roommate.

Kevin was shocked at how naturally Tyler took to pleasing him, and was overwhelmed with pleasure when his friend began riding him like a pro. It felt so good in fact, that Kevin at that moment decided to change their arrangement, and make Tyler be his full-time friend with benefits. Tyler had no idea, and while he was riding Kevin he said "Warn me when your gonna cum.", but Kevin did no such thing, and as each moment passed Tyler also began to get caught up riding his friends rock hard shaft, and the feelings of intense pleasure rushed through his body.

As the moment of truth arrived, and Kevin shot his load deep inside his friend they both let out loud moans of pleasure and ecstasy. When they were done Tyler asked Kevin to help him get the suit off, but Kevin refused, and said "There's no use in trying to get out of it, once I shot my load into you it sealed you in there."
"Besides you were so good, I was thinking you should stay a woman, and we can be friends with benefits." after some thinking, Tyler liked the idea, besides making his friend cum inside him, and riding his dick was the best feeling he had ever had during sex. So he agreed, and would go by the name Tanya. So the rest of that night  Kevin and Tanya had more sex then they had ever had, and neither one was regretting one bit of it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Do You Understand Me

Listen here, I told you if you didn't start treating girls the right way I would teach you a lesson. Well you kept on treating them like sex objects, and calling them bitches and shit. Your days of doing such things are over, cause until you learn how to treat a lady, you will stay a girl. Now I don't wanna hear it young lady!

Also just so you get the punishment you deserve, I've set you up a date with one of the boys from your school. If you know whats good for you, you will go right along with this and not fight me on this. Cause if you do, you'll never be a boy again. Do you understand me?!

Girlfriend's Body

Brian always wondered what it would feel like to be in his girlfriends body. Though he knew such a thing as swapping bodies with her could never happen. So he thought anyways. Brian didn't know that his girlfriend Shanna was a witch, and when he did find out. He was so excited, he had her looking at him like he were nuts.

After he calmed a bit, he asked her if she knew any body swap spells. To which she replied "Yes I do,why do you wanna know?" He told her how he had always wondered what it was like to be in her body. She told him that life as a woman was not easy, and that he would have to do everything that she does in order for no one to think anything weird was going on.

He agreed, and she told him her secret. He was so overjoyed, that his girlfriend was a witch, and that she could fulfill his curiosity by swapping their bodies with one of her spells. Shanna said with all seriousness "We can do this, but under the following conditions. You do not injure my body, contract an std, or get my body pregnant." Brian agreed.

Shanna performed the spell and here you see Brian checking out her body first hand. He found the feeling of being in Shanna's body so amazing, that while he cupped her breast he thought to himself "These tits, and this body feel so amazing and sensitive, I may never wanna switch back." "Now Shanna since you're in my body come over here and lets have a little fun shall we." From then on he knew he would never go back to wanting to be Brian ever again.      

Friday, May 3, 2013

Asshole Roommate

My name is Jeramie, and I have always been curious of what it would be like to be a girl. So I bought one of them bodysuits from online from Bodyworkx. I was very excited when it was delivered. My roommate Chad asked me what I ordered, and I told him I got one of them female bodysuits. And he asked what do I plan to do with it, and I told him "I plan on finding out how it feels to be female." Then he said "Are you gonna go out, and meet guys, and have sex?" I told him I plan on going out and meeting guys as a girl, but I don't think I wanna go all the way until I'm ready."

It's been a few weeks now, and I am getting ready to go on my first date as a girl. But as I was getting ready something unexpectedly happened. My bedroom door bursts open, and I see Chad standing there naked and sporting a massive hard on. I asked "What the hell man, I'm trying to finish getting ready for my date!" But Chad didn't say anything, and as quickly as he opened my door open, he made his way over to me, and forced me down onto my bed. "Dude, what are you doing? I asked.

He held me down on the bed , as I was too weak to fight him back, but I still tried. He ripped at my clothes til my virgin pussy was exposed and forced me to spread my legs. Then he started guiding his massive dick into my pussy, and started to pound me hard as I still tried to fight back and resist him. He then said "It's no use trying to resists, I'm too strong for you. I just can't help myself you look so hot as a girl." "You asshole you better not cum inside me cause that will seal me in this suit forever!"

He started pounding me harder and harder, faster and faster, as his grunts and moans became more frequent. Which I at that point decided it's no use fitting back, he his just way too strong for me in this female body I'm in now. So I submitted to his fucking me, which enabled me to feel the pleasure of his dick moving in and out of my pussy at a fast pace. I then began to feel his dick pulsate, and his body tense up. One more time I said "Please don't cum in me pull out!" But my plea had fallen on deaf ears, as he let out a huge moan of pleasure.

After it was over I looked at him in complete shock, and then I said "Thanks asshole, now im stuck being female for the rest of my life!" Chad said "Well for one thing I couldn't resist, and the second I like you better this way." "Well I can't believe you raped me, just to keep me as a female. I bet you're hoping now we can be more then just friends, I don't know about that now."

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Mother to Be

Me and my with Samantha have been married for 8 years, and we have 2 wonderful daughters ages 6 and 4. After the birth of our 4 year old Samantha told me to get a vasectomy. She felt like 2 children were enough, and she was especially happy that they were both girls.

Me on the other hand, I wanted to have more babies. More importantly I wanted a son. But after arguing with her over this topic, I told her that I would reluctantly have the procedure. In which of coarse I really never had intended on doing it. So pretty much you could say I lied to my wife, and we went on with our lives for the next 4 years.

That was until Samantha took a pregnancy test one day, and with the results of that test she found out my little secret. She was furious with me like I had never seen her before. She said "I told you to get a vasectomy, because I don't want to go through pregnancy, and childbirth again. But you chose not to respect my wishes, so I'm gonna have to punish you for your insensitive act of lying to me, and now getting me pregnant again."

You see Samantha had a secret of her own she was a witch. She never told me, but believe me I found out the hard way. She said "If you think I am gonna go through this pregnancy, you are sorely mistaken. I have decided that for your punishment I am gonna swap our bodies, and you will be the one to endure the entire pregnancy and childbirth, and then and only then I will swap us back and hope you will have learned not just what it feels like to go through a pregnancy, but to never lie to me again."

After that she started chanting, and swapped our bodies. Now 7 months have passed since then, and I am pregnant with twins, and I honestly I couldn't be happier, and I don't know if I wanna swap back after the babies are born. Maybe I'll ask Samantha if we could stay like this, so maybe I can get pregnant and do it all again. Cause I am one happy mother to be, and I love the feel of a life growing inside me.

Sister's Grand Opening

 My sister Claire is a high profile lingerie designer, who decided to open her first of what she hoped to be many shops for her brand Sweet & Sexy. It was the big day, the grand opening of her first store, and she called me to help her set up the main shop display window. When I got down there I asked her what needed to be done? Do you need me to move some stuff around or something?

She said "No, I need your help with something else." "It doesn't involve any heavy lifting." So I told her, anything she needed me to do I'd do it. Not knowing what would happen next. My sister was so happy, and promised to make it up to me some day. She then starting chanting some words. You see not only is she a high profile lingerie designer, but she's also a witch. Which I had forgotten up until she started chanting.

Within seconds of her completing her chant, I was no longer a big 6 foot 200 lbs man. But a mannequin, and not a guy mannequin either. I was now like a life size barbie doll, with breasts, and long blonde hair. As I sat there motionless on the bed of the main window display. Claire started preparing me for the display.

First she put a purple and black babydoll, which seemed to fit my new shape perfectly, then she put a necklace, a bracelet, and a couple rings on me, as well as did my make-up. She then set my now motionless, rubber and plastic body into the position she desired. And said "Perfect!"
After a few seconds of silence she then said "Sorry Jessie, but I was short mannequins for my grand opening, and I didn't know what else to do. Without one for this display, my grand opening would have been a disaster, and I knew you'd come and help me." "I'll make this up to you some day, I swear! But for now til I get the new mannequin in your gonna have to fill in for a while." "Don't worry either, Mom and Dad already know all about this. Heck Mom suggested the idea. I'll be back to check in on you later, I have to set up a few more things and then we are open." 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Careful What You Purchase

Steve always wondered what it was like to be a girl. Having long beautiful hair, soft skin, breasts, and what sex as a girl felt like interested him. He always was looking for a way to fulfill his fantasy, and one day online he found it. It was a female bodysuit made by Bodyworkx. It said that the suit bonds to the one wearing it, temporally altering their body and DNA to that of a real female. He was so excited, til he saw the price and realized he could never afford that, so he tried to find a cheaper alternative.

He found one made by BodyLinx. It was in his price range, which he was excited about so he ordered one. It came 3 days later. Steve was amazed and couldn't believe he held his fantasy come true right there in his hand. He wasted no time opening the box and putting on the suit. As he sat on his bed putting on the last part of the suit. He felt the change start to occur.

All of a sudden instead of being able to sit up on his bed, he plopped back on his bed feeling really weak and unable to move. While laying there he thought this must all be part of the process. But after an hour had passed he started to worry and get confused. He could not move at all, not even to blink. He couldn't even open his mouth.

See what Steve didn't realize is that the suit he purchased did turn him into a girl, but not a real girl. Instead it turned him into a life size Barbie Doll. But not any ordinary kind of Barbie Doll, he was now a Sex Barbie. And he was now stuck like that til someone would undo the suit.

He laid there for hours until his roommate Chris came home from work. Chris looked around the apartment for Steve, but couldn't find him anywhere. Then he walked into Steve's room and saw the doll laying on Steve's bed. He also then saw the box on the floor near the bed, and picked it up and read it. At that point he realized where Steve was, and got a big smile on his face while looking at Steve in his doll state.

"I think I'll call you Stephanie." Chris said as he undid his pants. "So Stephanie let's play a little bit shall we, there's no sense in letting your transformation go to waste." Chris removed the panties from the doll, and began fucking it. He started moving faster and faster as time went on. His moans, and grunts, and breathing started to increase as well. Steve now Stephanie the doll, knew Chris was getting close to blowing his load. Chris then shot a huge load deep inside the doll's pussy. Unknown to Stephanie that her fate was now sealed , and she would always be Stephanie the Sex Barbie. His friend's new and favorite sex toy.