Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

L.J. always wanted to be a woman, but having been born a male he would never be as he always wanted. He never told a soul, til he told his girlfriend one day. She told him she could make his dream a reality, and of coarse L.J. didn't believe her. So she said "Fine, I'll prove it to you right now! I'll change you into a woman, and then you'll owe me one." So she began muttering some words, as L.J. stood still. Suddenly the room filled with light, and the changes began taking place to L.J's body. First he shrank to about 5'5" from 6'0", then his skin and muscle tone changed, as his hips also began to widen. His hair grew long to about his shoulder blades. Then came the biggest changes, first he started growing breasts and within a few seconds they stopped at a full 36 F, then he felt his penis being pulled inside of him with such force it turned him on. When the changes were done he couldn't believe he was now a woman. He was so grateful and happy with the changes he now she was willing to do anything to payback his girlfriend for this wonderful gift.


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  2. [oops,let's try that again]

    I thank you dearly, dear! And would not dream of letting your lovely gift go unrewarded! So, I have put a piece together for you, Gwen, which I hope approaches what from of appreciation you'd have me show!!!
    Hugging&Kissing you ((xGwenX)) Elle!!!