Monday, May 6, 2013

Girlfriend's Body

Brian always wondered what it would feel like to be in his girlfriends body. Though he knew such a thing as swapping bodies with her could never happen. So he thought anyways. Brian didn't know that his girlfriend Shanna was a witch, and when he did find out. He was so excited, he had her looking at him like he were nuts.

After he calmed a bit, he asked her if she knew any body swap spells. To which she replied "Yes I do,why do you wanna know?" He told her how he had always wondered what it was like to be in her body. She told him that life as a woman was not easy, and that he would have to do everything that she does in order for no one to think anything weird was going on.

He agreed, and she told him her secret. He was so overjoyed, that his girlfriend was a witch, and that she could fulfill his curiosity by swapping their bodies with one of her spells. Shanna said with all seriousness "We can do this, but under the following conditions. You do not injure my body, contract an std, or get my body pregnant." Brian agreed.

Shanna performed the spell and here you see Brian checking out her body first hand. He found the feeling of being in Shanna's body so amazing, that while he cupped her breast he thought to himself "These tits, and this body feel so amazing and sensitive, I may never wanna switch back." "Now Shanna since you're in my body come over here and lets have a little fun shall we." From then on he knew he would never go back to wanting to be Brian ever again.      

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