Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Really Mine

Oh man! I just can not stop touching myself, this new body of mine is so sensitive. Wait a minute, can I honestly say that this body is really mine. I must be getting use to it already, it was just the other day that I awoke in my girlfriends body. My body no where to be seen, I thought this must be some sort of "Freaky Friday" type of shit or something.

The first few hours I was stuck in this body were very uncomfortable to me. The added weight on my chest, the soft skin, and the lack of manhood between my legs was all new to me. At least she had good size tits that look amazing from this angle, compared to how I viewed them before.

My body has now been gone for quite a few days, and I have heard nothing from my girlfriend, or about something like this happening to anyone else in the world. I've been alone with nothing to do but explore this new body, and how it reacts to certain touches. Let me tell you I am pleasantly amazed with this body, and I am certainly hoping to keep this body forever. It feels sooo goooood!

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