Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Great Exchange

Tiffany and her husband Michael were a happily married couple whom have just moved into their new home. An event called "The Great Exchange" occurred just after they moved in. To our couple their changes were obvious. Tiffany was given the height of a 7 foot man who lived down the street, while Michael was switched genders with the woman next door, then Tiffany got the sexual orientation of then woman's husband next door, while Michael could do nothing but watch in horror as Tiffany's head got further and further from him. First he thought she was growing more, but then he realized that he was shrinking going from 6'4" to 5' even. The changes then stopped as the couple starred at each other, Michael didn't care too much about Tiffany's face when he noticed her breasts were just above eye level for him. This was going to be a rather interesting journey in their lives.

1 comment:

  1. It looks as though, Tiffany's box is now at a remarkably accessible height for Michael to reach! And I'll bet he really enjoys having his wife easily hold him upside-down while they have a standing 69 session!!! "Oh-YES Tiff! Make a wish wish my legs!!!" :) :p:d:p:d :D