Friday, December 6, 2013

My Life has Changed

Ok get this. I was just browsing around online, minding my own business looking for some funny videos to watch. When I came across this one video, that said "This will change your life.". I didn't think much of it, so I went ahead and clicked it. I started watching the video, and quickly noticed myself in the video watching my computer screen. I watched in awe, as the me in the video began to change. I saw the face of my counterpart morph, shift, and lose it's facial hair. As I watched this for some strange reason I couldn't help but imagine it really happening to me. As I continued to watch I noticed my clones hair get longer, and his clothes turn feminine, at that same time my own face, hair, and clothes changed but I dismissed it as zoning out as I continued to watch. Then I saw his waist curve in, and his hips violently protrude outward as his ass got more round, at the same time I noticed two giant breasts begin to push their way out filling the top he was now wearing. As I felt my aerolas become more sensitive and turning me on. As the video was nearing it's end I watched as my members bulge vanished and became flat. I then closed out of my browser, and got up to head to the bathroom which I felt strange on my way there. As I entered the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped as I saw the girl my counterpart in the video had become. I immediately looked down, and felt my crotch, at which point reality set in that my manhood was gone. I'm telling you this cause I trust you Brian, but I know you'll ask for proof so I attached a picture to this email of my new self to show you it's true, and that my life has changed. If you don't believe me then come over and see for yourself.


  1. very clever and original.... i like it

    1. Thanks Alexis, I try hard to be original and clever on all my caps. Sometimes it doesn't work, that's why I have always said if anyone has an idea for me to do I'll give it a try:)