Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Careful What You Purchase

Steve always wondered what it was like to be a girl. Having long beautiful hair, soft skin, breasts, and what sex as a girl felt like interested him. He always was looking for a way to fulfill his fantasy, and one day online he found it. It was a female bodysuit made by Bodyworkx. It said that the suit bonds to the one wearing it, temporally altering their body and DNA to that of a real female. He was so excited, til he saw the price and realized he could never afford that, so he tried to find a cheaper alternative.

He found one made by BodyLinx. It was in his price range, which he was excited about so he ordered one. It came 3 days later. Steve was amazed and couldn't believe he held his fantasy come true right there in his hand. He wasted no time opening the box and putting on the suit. As he sat on his bed putting on the last part of the suit. He felt the change start to occur.

All of a sudden instead of being able to sit up on his bed, he plopped back on his bed feeling really weak and unable to move. While laying there he thought this must all be part of the process. But after an hour had passed he started to worry and get confused. He could not move at all, not even to blink. He couldn't even open his mouth.

See what Steve didn't realize is that the suit he purchased did turn him into a girl, but not a real girl. Instead it turned him into a life size Barbie Doll. But not any ordinary kind of Barbie Doll, he was now a Sex Barbie. And he was now stuck like that til someone would undo the suit.

He laid there for hours until his roommate Chris came home from work. Chris looked around the apartment for Steve, but couldn't find him anywhere. Then he walked into Steve's room and saw the doll laying on Steve's bed. He also then saw the box on the floor near the bed, and picked it up and read it. At that point he realized where Steve was, and got a big smile on his face while looking at Steve in his doll state.

"I think I'll call you Stephanie." Chris said as he undid his pants. "So Stephanie let's play a little bit shall we, there's no sense in letting your transformation go to waste." Chris removed the panties from the doll, and began fucking it. He started moving faster and faster as time went on. His moans, and grunts, and breathing started to increase as well. Steve now Stephanie the doll, knew Chris was getting close to blowing his load. Chris then shot a huge load deep inside the doll's pussy. Unknown to Stephanie that her fate was now sealed , and she would always be Stephanie the Sex Barbie. His friend's new and favorite sex toy.