Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Careful What You Purchase

Steve always wondered what it was like to be a girl. Having long beautiful hair, soft skin, breasts, and what sex as a girl felt like interested him. He always was looking for a way to fulfill his fantasy, and one day online he found it. It was a female bodysuit made by Bodyworkx. It said that the suit bonds to the one wearing it, temporally altering their body and DNA to that of a real female. He was so excited, til he saw the price and realized he could never afford that, so he tried to find a cheaper alternative.

He found one made by BodyLinx. It was in his price range, which he was excited about so he ordered one. It came 3 days later. Steve was amazed and couldn't believe he held his fantasy come true right there in his hand. He wasted no time opening the box and putting on the suit. As he sat on his bed putting on the last part of the suit. He felt the change start to occur.

All of a sudden instead of being able to sit up on his bed, he plopped back on his bed feeling really weak and unable to move. While laying there he thought this must all be part of the process. But after an hour had passed he started to worry and get confused. He could not move at all, not even to blink. He couldn't even open his mouth.

See what Steve didn't realize is that the suit he purchased did turn him into a girl, but not a real girl. Instead it turned him into a life size Barbie Doll. But not any ordinary kind of Barbie Doll, he was now a Sex Barbie. And he was now stuck like that til someone would undo the suit.

He laid there for hours until his roommate Chris came home from work. Chris looked around the apartment for Steve, but couldn't find him anywhere. Then he walked into Steve's room and saw the doll laying on Steve's bed. He also then saw the box on the floor near the bed, and picked it up and read it. At that point he realized where Steve was, and got a big smile on his face while looking at Steve in his doll state.

"I think I'll call you Stephanie." Chris said as he undid his pants. "So Stephanie let's play a little bit shall we, there's no sense in letting your transformation go to waste." Chris removed the panties from the doll, and began fucking it. He started moving faster and faster as time went on. His moans, and grunts, and breathing started to increase as well. Steve now Stephanie the doll, knew Chris was getting close to blowing his load. Chris then shot a huge load deep inside the doll's pussy. Unknown to Stephanie that her fate was now sealed , and she would always be Stephanie the Sex Barbie. His friend's new and favorite sex toy.

A Native Mistake

John was a city guy, whom always enjoyed the outdoors. He frequently went for hikes in the hillsides of western Kansas. One time he decided he was going to go camping and "Rough it". But what he didn't know was he would head out into the wilderness as a man, but not come back as one. You see John was trying to get in touch with his native american roots, and decided in order to do so. He would have to live off the land, and let nature provide everything he needs.

He set up camp, and felt a little congested and short of breath. He remembered his ancestors used the plants from the land as medicines, and he remembered that Milkwort did something but he couldn't remember what. But since he had an abundance of it nearby he decided he'd go ahead and eat some. He started feeling a little different after a while, and figured that the Milkwort was helping so he ate a little more of it before going to sleep.

The next morning he awoke feeling a lot better, but he couldn't help but notice he also felt different. As he sat up from his sleeping bag, he right away noticed a heavy weight on his chest. He looked down and found that over the coarse of the night he had grown two big breasts. But that wasn't the only thing. He then got up and went to go pee near a tree, and found that his penis was gone. It had been replaced by a vagina.

John couldn't believe what had happened to him, and thought he was still asleep and having some sort of weird dream. So he decided he'd pinch himself on the nipples, but when he did milk shot out. As he felt a wave of sensitivity by touching his new breast, he smiled and thought that things could be worse.

The thing about Milkwort that John couldn't remember which he later found out when he went home was, that there is an ancient belief that nursing mothers could increase lactation by eating the plants of that genus. But since he wasn't a woman, instead eating the plant turned him into one in order to help his body lactate.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stop giving me that look!

Hey you were the one who didn't put a condom on, you were the one that came inside me, you were the one that wanted a baby, so you should be the one to be pregnant and carry it to term. So why are we still having this conversation, 5 months later? Stop giving me that look! You have no one to blame but yourself. I didn't want to have kids yet, but it looks like you'll get your wish.

Ya know what? Maybe I won't switch us back after the baby is born, cause I don't really want to be a mother yet, plus I'm having way too much fun in your body to want to switch back. So I guess your stuck in my body for a while then, and who knows maybe you'll get pregnant again. So seriously stop giving me that look!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Better Life Solutions

Joe and Carrie were a happily married couple, who had been married for about 5 years. They were the epitome of what a married couple should be. Living in a house they owned, very kind and friendly, pretty outgoing, fun, and they both had very good jobs. But there was only one thing missing in their lives, and it caused them a great deal of pain and sadness, though they would never let that show in public.

Despite how hard they tried, despite every specialist they saw, they could not conceive a child. And the couple of times that they were lucky enough to conceive, Carrie miscarried both times. Which caused her doctor, to tell her she could not get pregnant, and even if she did get pregnant she had a good chance she would miscarry again.

They were just about ready to give up, and resign themselves to a life without children. Until they came across an advertisement for a clinic that specialized in fixing any problem that a person's life could possibly have. The clinic was called Better Life Solutions, and their goal was to help every person live a better and complete life by helping them with their issues they faced.

Being that they had been to so many specialist, and the advice of Carrie's doctor. Joe and Carrie were really skeptical that this new clinic could help them in any way. But never the less they came down to the clinic and signed in at the front desk. After what seemed like hours of questioning by the specialist at the clinic, in various topics like their sexual preferences, to the kind of imaginary friend they each had as children. The specialist reviewed all the information from her inquiries, and offered them a very strange, radical, yet very simple solution to Joe and Carrie's dilemma.

Now about six months later, here we have Carrie and Johanna, the former male now heavily pregnant with the couple's first child, and both couldn't be happier with how well everything worked out. Johanna is so happy, and love's the fact that she is now giving her wife the child they have wanted for so long. Even if she happens to be the one that has to go through mood swings, and wear maternity bras, and undergo all the ultrasounds and childbirth!

So if you are in the market of looking for a new kind of surrogate alternative, or you have other kinds of problems that are causing you not to live a fulfilled and happy life. No issue is too big or too small for us to handle. So come on down to Better Life Solutions, we may just have the solution that's right for you!

Better Life Solutions, a division of Transamerican Medical Company, LLC.

Elle's School for Sissy's and Feminization

Elle's School for Sissy's was a school developed by the head-mistress for the sole purpose of the sissification of disobedient boys whom could not be controlled by their parents. So their parents sent them here for some reprogramming. Kim here formally known as Tim has been misbehaving in class, and the head-mistress Mrs. Elle, as everyone called her. Did not take that kind of behavior very lightly, nor did she appreciate the manner of disrespect Kim had been showing the teachers, and other students. So Mrs. Elle has decided from now on she will take matters into her own hands, and give Kim a real reality check.
"Ok Kim, you wanted to do this the hard way. So when I'm done with you there will be no recollection of Tim, and you will be the most obedient sissy girl to ever come out of this school. And who knows, maybe I'll make you my own personal sissy girl to have around. Because I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this. Now how do you like that?"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Nude Ranch

It had been a year since the great shift had happened, and Taylor was finally starting to get comfortable in his new body. So comfortable in fact that he/she joined a nudest colony called "The Nude Ranch", one morning he decided to go for a horse back ride. While out on the ride he/she took a moment to appreciate nature, and thought well isn't nature grand, it's so beautiful and natural to be free and roam about as nature intended. The sun feels so good on my naked flesh, so warm on my perky breast, I hope this day never ends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Send me some idea's for post #10

Hey y'all,

I hope you all have liked my first 8 captions. I'm a newcomer to creating TG captions, and I have many more idea's of ones I wanna do. But I was thinking since this message to my audience that I am writing is technically post #9. How about I let the audience pick what kind of caption #10 should be, and you can even send me some suggestion pics for #10 as well. I am very pleased with how my TG Caps Blog is performing and I hope y'all are too. Anyways email me those suggestions as soon as y'all can, and I'll try to pick and post as quick as I can. Thanks again for viewing my captions, and I look forward to some of your idea's. My email is


Monday, April 22, 2013

Paybacks A Bitch

Alex thought of a way to get back at his girlfriend for cheating on him, and then ultimately leaving him for the guy she was cheating on him with. He decided he was gonna get her new boyfriend to cheat on her, so purchased a female bodysuit online and enlisted the help of his sister for help with make-up, and lessons on how to seduce a man. After a couple weeks of preparations, Alex was ready to put his plan into motion. He went over to his ex-girlfriend Tiffany's place knowing that her boyfriend would be there waiting for her to get home from work. When he got there, Tiffany's new boyfriend Chris answered the door, and asked who she was. Alex said his name was Alexis and that he was a friend of Tiffany's. So Chris let him/her in, and the two of them talked til Alex started to make his/her move on Tiffany's boyfriend. The two of them then began to make out, and one thing led to another, and the next thing they knew Alexis was on top of Chris riding him when Tiffany walked through the door. "What the fuck is going on here!" Tiffany shouted "And who the fuck is she Chris?" "Chris replied "She said her name is Alexis, and that shes a friend of yours." "I don't have a friend named Alexis!" "That's when Alex turned his/her head, smirked and said "Paybacks a bitch, ain't it Tiffany." The only problem Alex encountered while carrying out his successful plan, was that he didn't realize that it would feel so good.

Ready to Cowgirl Up!

"Hey there Jimmy!" said a girl standing near a tree, "Excuse me but do I know you darlin" Jimmy said. "Why sure ya do, I'm your best friend!" said the girl. Jimmy was confused for a moment til the girl said "It's me Billy!". Jimmy was shocked "Billy is that really you, how come you look and sound like a girl?" "I bought one of them there bodysuits online, What do ya think?" Jimmy fumbled his words for a bit and said "You look might pretty all dolled up like that." "Ya really think so, I tried real hard to look pretty." "Well ya fooled me, I thought you were really a beautiful girl, whom mistook me for someone else." "Nope it's me, or shall I say the female version of me." as Billy giggled. "Well since it's the female version of Billy, maybe you should call yourself Lilly while your in that form. It kinda suits ya." "Say I reckon that ain't a bad idea there Jimmy, I like it. So call me Lilly." "Well then Lilly, would you like to go on a date with me tonight?" "Why hell yeah I'll go out on a date with you tonight. I was wondering when you was gonna ask me." "I'm all ready to cowgirl up, if ya know what I mean!!!!!!"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Knew She Didn't Have It That Bad

 Mike and his wife Nikki were expecting their first child. One day Nikki was complaining she was tired, and her back was sore. So Mike made a comment that being pregnant can't be that bad. So Nikki in response to his comment said "Oh yeah, I bet you couldn't last a day in my body as me." Mike responded with " Sure I could, and I wouldn't whine or complain either." So Nikki went and looked for her grandmother's spell book, and after she found it came back and performed the spell that would swap them for 24 hours. Once they had swapped Nikki now in Mike's body said she was gonna go out and have some fun for once, leaving Mike at home in her pregnant body. After a few hours of watching tv. Mike began to get curious about how certain things felt while being in Nikki's body.
So he stripped down naked and began touching various parts of her body to see how they would react. He soon found that her body was so sensitive every touch felt amazing, and sent shivers of pleasure throughout her body. He enjoyed it so much, he made himself have an orgasm in Nikki's body. After he was done he thought to himself. "I knew she didn't have it that bad!"

Who's the Bitch Now

For too long you referred to me as your bitch. Well as you see I've fixed that now haven't I. Swapping bodies with you is just the beginning. I'm gonna make you my bitch now. So how does that feel huh? So who's the bitch now? I guess the answer is you now, so you best get use to it. Cause your gonna be my bitch for a long time if you know what's good for ya.


Really dude you turned me into girl! What the fuck did you do that for? Your ex-girlfriend wouldn't give you any, so you decide to turn me your roommate into a girl cause you think since we are best-friends that I'll help you out with that huh. Well I got news for you I ain't putting out neither so your still outta luck! Now change me back! What's that? You won't until I give it up to you, well it ain't happening so I guess I'm gonna have to get use to being a girl, and you'll have to deal with a girl as your roommate now. So don't bitch when I bring home guys, cause you ain't getting any.

Friday, April 19, 2013

In Complete Shock

Patrick's girlfriend Emily said he needed to learn a thing or two about girls, and how to treat them. So she turned him into one, and said she would turn him back when she felt he learned his lesson. It had only been a few hours since Emily changed Patrick into Patricia, when he got a call from Emily's mother telling him that Emily was just killed in a car accident, and that there was no way now to change him back. So you can understand his complete state of shock to news that not only did his girlfriend die, but he is now stuck as Patricia for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh you did not just do what I think you did

Sara and Sam had been together for quite some time, so to celebrate they thought they would do something different. Sara had a spell book, in which they pulled out and looked in til they found the right spell. When they found it they both agreed to swap bodies to see what sex would be like from the others perspective. So they performed the spell, and after some more reading they found that the one who is the male after the swap can't cum in the one who is the female or it would become permanent. So they agreed Sara would pull out before she'd cum. They began to have sex, and each felt sensations that blew each others minds. Sara in Sam's body started going faster and faster, and Sam in Sara's body said in the middle of pants and moans "Don't forget you can't cum in me." But Sara didn't pay attention, and the moment had arrived and she shot a huge load into her former pussy, and let out a big moan of ecstasy. Sam immediately said " Oh you didn't just do what I think you did!"

Never Cheat On A Witch

Mike’s wife Sara always knew Mike was cheating on her since she got pregnant. What Mike didn't know was that he had married a witch. One day Sara finally decided she was going to do something about this situation, and with a snap of her fingers her and Mike swapped bodies. She also decided to leave him and divorce him, leaving him in her body for the rest of his life. As she left in his body Mike started crying realizing what he had done.