Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tied Up Lesson

Tiffany, What have you done to me? Why am I tied to the bed, and why does my body feel so different? Oh my god! What did you do to me? Why is my voice so different now, and why does my body feel so much smaller, and why do I have long blonde hair? Wait, why don't I feel anything between my legs? Oh my god! A pussy! I have a pussy where my dick use to be?! You turned me into a girl, why?! What do you mean I need to learn about what a girl wants and needs, I'm a guy!


  1. "... "Only in your mind now, Glen. And that's exactly why you're in your current predicament! -tehehehe- Or, should that be, 'post-dick-I-meant', Gwen?!

    What better way for you to learn what & how a woman feels than to have a female body?! After I give you some pointers & tips on a girl-to-girl basis, we'll hit a club or two and find a couple of guys, who can show you how not to handle a woman!" ..."

  2. There is something utterly sexy about being tied up like her and not being able to control what someone does to you!