Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

L.J. always wanted to be a woman, but having been born a male he would never be as he always wanted. He never told a soul, til he told his girlfriend one day. She told him she could make his dream a reality, and of coarse L.J. didn't believe her. So she said "Fine, I'll prove it to you right now! I'll change you into a woman, and then you'll owe me one." So she began muttering some words, as L.J. stood still. Suddenly the room filled with light, and the changes began taking place to L.J's body. First he shrank to about 5'5" from 6'0", then his skin and muscle tone changed, as his hips also began to widen. His hair grew long to about his shoulder blades. Then came the biggest changes, first he started growing breasts and within a few seconds they stopped at a full 36 F, then he felt his penis being pulled inside of him with such force it turned him on. When the changes were done he couldn't believe he was now a woman. He was so grateful and happy with the changes he now she was willing to do anything to payback his girlfriend for this wonderful gift.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sharing His New Assets

This story/caption is a joint project that both me and Elle of W8Z2X4M collaborated on. Well she did most of the work, I just gave her the idea. But I love how it turned out, and I hope y'all do as well. That gal is really creative and I've placed her link here in case any of y'all are new viewers. Hopefully some of y'all will become followers of if not both of ours, at least one of our pages. Please leave a comment if you'd like to about this collaboration, or any other story, or caption you like or would like to see me do. Here's her link to enjoy some of her fine works, and I hope you enjoy the story. Click on the image to enlarge it. Thank you for viewing.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Always Wondered

Ever since I was a teenager, I always wondered what it would be like to have a dick. What it felt like to pee standing up as appose to sitting, or what it felt like to have an erection. I've even wondered what it feels like to cum like one of the guys. One day recently my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I decided to visit the old magic shop in town. Mom said she use to go there quite often when she was young. She suggested the shop to me to begin with, so I went down to the shop. When I got there, I met a woman whom was the shops owner. She said she had been expecting me, and that she had something for me that would solve my situation. She then pulled out a vile of liquid saying it was a potion made especially for me, and said it cure my curiosity forever. So I took her word for it, paid for the vile and went home. Once home I sat for a bit thinking about whether this would really work or not, and decided I might as well drink it and see if anything happens. After a minute I started to feel pressure in my pussy, and I started to pant and breath heavy. As each minute went bye, I started to moan in pleasure and the pressure got more intense. After this went on for about 20 minutes, I reached down to touch the lips of my pussy only to find they were gone. I stead in place of my pussy was a dick, and a ball sack. I immediately took off my pants to see it with my own eyes. Now a few days later, I am going to see how it feels to jerk myself off til I cum. Though I must say I've been at it for an hour now, and I still haven't cummed, I'm getting close though. I think after this I'll invite Keri over, and see what it feels like to fuck like a man, and cum inside a woman. I mean after all the woman at the shop said this would be forever.