Friday, May 3, 2013

Asshole Roommate

My name is Jeramie, and I have always been curious of what it would be like to be a girl. So I bought one of them bodysuits from online from Bodyworkx. I was very excited when it was delivered. My roommate Chad asked me what I ordered, and I told him I got one of them female bodysuits. And he asked what do I plan to do with it, and I told him "I plan on finding out how it feels to be female." Then he said "Are you gonna go out, and meet guys, and have sex?" I told him I plan on going out and meeting guys as a girl, but I don't think I wanna go all the way until I'm ready."

It's been a few weeks now, and I am getting ready to go on my first date as a girl. But as I was getting ready something unexpectedly happened. My bedroom door bursts open, and I see Chad standing there naked and sporting a massive hard on. I asked "What the hell man, I'm trying to finish getting ready for my date!" But Chad didn't say anything, and as quickly as he opened my door open, he made his way over to me, and forced me down onto my bed. "Dude, what are you doing? I asked.

He held me down on the bed , as I was too weak to fight him back, but I still tried. He ripped at my clothes til my virgin pussy was exposed and forced me to spread my legs. Then he started guiding his massive dick into my pussy, and started to pound me hard as I still tried to fight back and resist him. He then said "It's no use trying to resists, I'm too strong for you. I just can't help myself you look so hot as a girl." "You asshole you better not cum inside me cause that will seal me in this suit forever!"

He started pounding me harder and harder, faster and faster, as his grunts and moans became more frequent. Which I at that point decided it's no use fitting back, he his just way too strong for me in this female body I'm in now. So I submitted to his fucking me, which enabled me to feel the pleasure of his dick moving in and out of my pussy at a fast pace. I then began to feel his dick pulsate, and his body tense up. One more time I said "Please don't cum in me pull out!" But my plea had fallen on deaf ears, as he let out a huge moan of pleasure.

After it was over I looked at him in complete shock, and then I said "Thanks asshole, now im stuck being female for the rest of my life!" Chad said "Well for one thing I couldn't resist, and the second I like you better this way." "Well I can't believe you raped me, just to keep me as a female. I bet you're hoping now we can be more then just friends, I don't know about that now."


  1. "... "So, when DO you think you'll know?" asked Chad.

    I didn't respond, as ideas formed in my mind. Then I said, "Let's see how well you can treat me like the lady I am now. And in a week, we'll revisit the question." Knowing that by the end of one week, I'd have my hands on another bodysuit. If he hadn't learned to be a gentleman by then, he'd wake up as my new BFF, stuck in his new body with a pussy full of my brother's mess! ..."

    Well, it's just a suggestion, Gwen! Rather like the one I've just posted at my place. I hope it meets with your approval, hon!

    (there's one page that I should have asked about, but let me know if it's okay)