Friday, September 27, 2013

Bet With My Sis

I made a bet with my sister that I couldn't last a year in her body. The only rule during the time I was to be in her body was to not allow a man to cum inside me while I was her. Otherwise the swap would be permanent. Well after only a week, here I am having sex with a guy. But not just any guy, I am having sex with my former body. It was my sisters idea, and I just couldn't resist all the sensations her body has, as well as my curiosity of what it would feel like to have sex in her body. I just hope she pulls out before she cums, though this feels so gre-ahhh-tttt! Ohhhh-mahhhh-ggggaawwwddd!

1 comment:

  1. Well, I suppose this would be more like a unique form of masturbation than a taboo encounter. After all, his sister is merely playing with her own pussy, right!?! But, her bro might be a bit surprised when he discovers his sister no longer wants to be a female... ever!!!

    Of course, you know I wouldn't object to starting a new life in an outfit like this, Gwen!