Sunday, August 4, 2013

Always Wondered

Ever since I was a teenager, I always wondered what it would be like to have a dick. What it felt like to pee standing up as appose to sitting, or what it felt like to have an erection. I've even wondered what it feels like to cum like one of the guys. One day recently my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I decided to visit the old magic shop in town. Mom said she use to go there quite often when she was young. She suggested the shop to me to begin with, so I went down to the shop. When I got there, I met a woman whom was the shops owner. She said she had been expecting me, and that she had something for me that would solve my situation. She then pulled out a vile of liquid saying it was a potion made especially for me, and said it cure my curiosity forever. So I took her word for it, paid for the vile and went home. Once home I sat for a bit thinking about whether this would really work or not, and decided I might as well drink it and see if anything happens. After a minute I started to feel pressure in my pussy, and I started to pant and breath heavy. As each minute went bye, I started to moan in pleasure and the pressure got more intense. After this went on for about 20 minutes, I reached down to touch the lips of my pussy only to find they were gone. I stead in place of my pussy was a dick, and a ball sack. I immediately took off my pants to see it with my own eyes. Now a few days later, I am going to see how it feels to jerk myself off til I cum. Though I must say I've been at it for an hour now, and I still haven't cummed, I'm getting close though. I think after this I'll invite Keri over, and see what it feels like to fuck like a man, and cum inside a woman. I mean after all the woman at the shop said this would be forever.

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  1. I hadn't heard from Gwen in a few days and stopped by to see if she was okay. It took knocking a few times before she answered the door, but her smile was broad as ever, even though she seemed... frustrated.

    A blush filled her cheeks as my eyes widened on seeing her 'headlights on high-beam', and she sighed, "Oh, fuck it! Come in, L.J., and I'll show you what's been up with me!" she nearly pulled me in the door, locking it behind us.

    We turned at the same time, and once facing each-other, the bulge from her crotch was more than evident as she quipped, "Curiosity sort of 'killed my kitty', by growing me a rooster that won't stop crowing!"
    She opened her robe to show me the erect member standing among her, otherwise lovely, female form. An utterly erotic vision, if ever I saw one! I said, "That's amazing! This might sound... oh-hell, do you need some help with that?!"