Friday, May 10, 2013

Friends With Benefits

Kevin and Tyler were 2 normal guys in there twenties. The only problem was that neither one was having any luck with the ladies. But that all changed one day, when they decided to buy a female body suit so they could take turns fulfilling each others sexual needs. Tyler agreed to be the first one to wear the suit, and pleasure his best-friend/roommate.

Kevin was shocked at how naturally Tyler took to pleasing him, and was overwhelmed with pleasure when his friend began riding him like a pro. It felt so good in fact, that Kevin at that moment decided to change their arrangement, and make Tyler be his full-time friend with benefits. Tyler had no idea, and while he was riding Kevin he said "Warn me when your gonna cum.", but Kevin did no such thing, and as each moment passed Tyler also began to get caught up riding his friends rock hard shaft, and the feelings of intense pleasure rushed through his body.

As the moment of truth arrived, and Kevin shot his load deep inside his friend they both let out loud moans of pleasure and ecstasy. When they were done Tyler asked Kevin to help him get the suit off, but Kevin refused, and said "There's no use in trying to get out of it, once I shot my load into you it sealed you in there."
"Besides you were so good, I was thinking you should stay a woman, and we can be friends with benefits." after some thinking, Tyler liked the idea, besides making his friend cum inside him, and riding his dick was the best feeling he had ever had during sex. So he agreed, and would go by the name Tanya. So the rest of that night  Kevin and Tanya had more sex then they had ever had, and neither one was regretting one bit of it.

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