Friday, May 17, 2013

Not What It Looks Like....Well Maybe It Is!

Oh hi honey! I didn't hear you come home, I know what your thinking and this is not what it looks like. Well actually maybe it is. But I couldn't help it, being in your hot, horny, and over sensitive body I couldn't take it any more I just had to try sex with a guy. So I called Greg to come over and help me out. This feels so good, I hope you don't consider this cheating.

What's that? I know he's not wearing a condom, he said he didn't have any and I know we don't use them so I said fuck it. He promises to pull out before he cums, that way I won't get your body pregnant. If you want you can join us, while he fucks me I can blow you. Besides don't you wanna know what sex is like in my body?

1 comment:

  1. Work place swaps are always fun, maybe a guy switches places with his hot boss or hot secretary.