Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Wasting My New Assetts

Dan I understand how badly you want a girlfriend, but why the fuck would you turn me into a woman for. I know we are roommates and all, but what the fuck, dude! I hope you don't expect me to be your girl, cause your dreaming. I've seen how you treat your girlfriends, and based on that I would never date you. Besides just look at these assets you've given me, too bad you'll never get to touch or see them. Even if you turned me into a copy of your absolute dream woman, your nuts to think I'd waste my new assets on you. Besides you have a small dick, so I'm sure you wouldn't be able to please this body. Now if you excuse me, I'm going go put my new assets to work and find me a man to explore this new body with. Have fun jerking off tonight loser.


  1. "... "And, while you're working your little-buddy over thinking of my new assets & attitude, try to imagine what you're missing & how you can make things right so we can be friends again! Maybe you'll even figure out a way to get your hands on my fabulous new form, buddy!" ..."

    I'm sorry, Gwen! I thought I had commented on this already! :(

    1. P.S. Nice shot of my 'dream-my' babe!!!