Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elle's School for Sissy's and Feminization

Elle's School for Sissy's was a school developed by the head-mistress for the sole purpose of the sissification of disobedient boys whom could not be controlled by their parents. So their parents sent them here for some reprogramming. Kim here formally known as Tim has been misbehaving in class, and the head-mistress Mrs. Elle, as everyone called her. Did not take that kind of behavior very lightly, nor did she appreciate the manner of disrespect Kim had been showing the teachers, and other students. So Mrs. Elle has decided from now on she will take matters into her own hands, and give Kim a real reality check.
"Ok Kim, you wanted to do this the hard way. So when I'm done with you there will be no recollection of Tim, and you will be the most obedient sissy girl to ever come out of this school. And who knows, maybe I'll make you my own personal sissy girl to have around. Because I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this. Now how do you like that?"


  1. "... "Let 's take a look at your new... reality, chick! Oh, my! You're nearly ready. No need to be timid, Kim! It's already soaking and I've barely touched you."

    "But Mrs. Elle, I really don't feel like a sissy. Now I feel more like a tom-boy! After all, isn't a sissy a boy who acts really girly?!"

    "You just keep thinking like that when you get back to your dorm, Kim. Seeing how Gary reacts to his former best-bud will test how girly you are and show you of what lies ahead for Kim!" ..."

    Well, Gwen, I really must wonder whether you would be student or staff at my obscure edifice of effeminacy?!


    1. I don't know. I never thought of that.