Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Knew She Didn't Have It That Bad

 Mike and his wife Nikki were expecting their first child. One day Nikki was complaining she was tired, and her back was sore. So Mike made a comment that being pregnant can't be that bad. So Nikki in response to his comment said "Oh yeah, I bet you couldn't last a day in my body as me." Mike responded with " Sure I could, and I wouldn't whine or complain either." So Nikki went and looked for her grandmother's spell book, and after she found it came back and performed the spell that would swap them for 24 hours. Once they had swapped Nikki now in Mike's body said she was gonna go out and have some fun for once, leaving Mike at home in her pregnant body. After a few hours of watching tv. Mike began to get curious about how certain things felt while being in Nikki's body.
So he stripped down naked and began touching various parts of her body to see how they would react. He soon found that her body was so sensitive every touch felt amazing, and sent shivers of pleasure throughout her body. He enjoyed it so much, he made himself have an orgasm in Nikki's body. After he was done he thought to himself. "I knew she didn't have it that bad!"

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  1. "... Of course, once he brought himself to orgasm in her hormonally energized body, Mike discovered that he did have it BAD, and was eagerly awaiting Nikki's return in his male body, since he wanted his body back... and front... & up... & in & going down... and every-which-which-way he'd choose! ..."