Thursday, April 25, 2013

Better Life Solutions

Joe and Carrie were a happily married couple, who had been married for about 5 years. They were the epitome of what a married couple should be. Living in a house they owned, very kind and friendly, pretty outgoing, fun, and they both had very good jobs. But there was only one thing missing in their lives, and it caused them a great deal of pain and sadness, though they would never let that show in public.

Despite how hard they tried, despite every specialist they saw, they could not conceive a child. And the couple of times that they were lucky enough to conceive, Carrie miscarried both times. Which caused her doctor, to tell her she could not get pregnant, and even if she did get pregnant she had a good chance she would miscarry again.

They were just about ready to give up, and resign themselves to a life without children. Until they came across an advertisement for a clinic that specialized in fixing any problem that a person's life could possibly have. The clinic was called Better Life Solutions, and their goal was to help every person live a better and complete life by helping them with their issues they faced.

Being that they had been to so many specialist, and the advice of Carrie's doctor. Joe and Carrie were really skeptical that this new clinic could help them in any way. But never the less they came down to the clinic and signed in at the front desk. After what seemed like hours of questioning by the specialist at the clinic, in various topics like their sexual preferences, to the kind of imaginary friend they each had as children. The specialist reviewed all the information from her inquiries, and offered them a very strange, radical, yet very simple solution to Joe and Carrie's dilemma.

Now about six months later, here we have Carrie and Johanna, the former male now heavily pregnant with the couple's first child, and both couldn't be happier with how well everything worked out. Johanna is so happy, and love's the fact that she is now giving her wife the child they have wanted for so long. Even if she happens to be the one that has to go through mood swings, and wear maternity bras, and undergo all the ultrasounds and childbirth!

So if you are in the market of looking for a new kind of surrogate alternative, or you have other kinds of problems that are causing you not to live a fulfilled and happy life. No issue is too big or too small for us to handle. So come on down to Better Life Solutions, we may just have the solution that's right for you!

Better Life Solutions, a division of Transamerican Medical Company, LLC.

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