Saturday, August 2, 2014

We Made A Bet, But I'm Making the Rules

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  1. "... By the time Tiffany got done with dolling-up her transformed boyfriend for his date they decided that "Gwen" is what they'd call him until he got changed back. And, although he still wasn't thrilled with spending the evening as a piece of eye-candy on David's arm, Gwen had to admit that he had never felt more sensual and attractive than he did now with his female body. But, when Tiffany told him how beautiful he was, and that knowing her guy was an alluring & sexy chick made her wetter than ever at the thought of trying lesbian sex together before laying an incredibly passionate kiss on his soft, glossy lips, Gwen became eager to get the date over with so he could get back here and into bed with his girlfriend! ..."